Derek McAllister

      About Me

      My name is Derek McAllister. I am currently an Instructor of Philosophy at Towson University and Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.
      I specialize in History of Philosophy (esp. Medieval), History of and Philosophy of Psychiatry (esp. Depression, Human Flourishing), Virtue Ethics, and Medical Ethics. In addition, my curiosity spills over into areas like Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Emotion, Epistemology, and Existentialism.
      A firm proponent for a holistic and wide-ranging education, and sharer of forgotten or unknown treasures (see my resources page), I am passionate about teaching Philosophy. I have taught at the college and university level since 2014. Learning what makes us flourish and live well has long held my fascination, and I try to share that wonder with my students.
      My dissertation has focused on prima facie historical predecessors to depression--e.g., acedia, tristitia, noche oscura, melancholia, Tungsindighed, etc. I have been especially formed by the writings of Thomas Aquinas, Søren Kierkegaard, & St. John of the Cross.
      I have also had the privilege to shadow a Clinical Psychologist at the Waco Family Medical Center, and I received a Cross-Training Grant funded by the John Templeton Foundation for the 2019-2020 academic year to work in Baylor's Psychology and Neuroscience Department for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of depression from a psychological, psychiatric, and neuroscientific perspective.
      Outside of philosophy, I enjoy dabbling in disciplines such as history, genealogy, philology & languages, & theology. Outside of academia, I love traveling, watching football, and hiking or playing soccer with my son.