Past Course SyllabiFrom a selection of courses:

      § Introduction to Philosophy- A tour through Ethics & Philosophy of Religion
      § Introduction to Philosophy- A tour through Philosophical Issues/Ideas that Have Shaped Your World
      § Introduction to Ethics (online) and 8-week (online)- Ethical Theories & Applied Ethics
      § Introduction to Logic- Sentential & Categorical, Truth Tables & Proofs (incl. CP & RAA), Fallacies, etc., paired with readings on Mercy and Fraternal Correction in the Summa.
      § Introduction to Medical Ethics- From Ethical Theory and Principlism, to a range of specific issues such as paternalism & autonomy, abortion, end of life ethics, mental health, etc.
      § Thomas Aquinas on Virtues & Vices (upper-level)- From foundations in Aristotle, to Thomistic definition of virtue, featuring a couple contemporary authors, and a close examination of charity (caritas).

      We study Ethics “not merely in order to know what excellence or virtue is, but in order to become good.”Aristotle (Nicomachean Ethics II.2)


      The Teaching Capstone in Higher Education The (TeaCHE) Program is offered through the Baylor University Graduate School. It is intended to further the professional development, specifically the teaching and pedagogical skills, of graduate students who are pursuing careers in teaching in higher academia.
      Successful completion of the program, done on one's own time and usually taking up to a full academic year, requires the completion of Five Categories of Tasks and culminates in a Capstone Essay. All materials are reviewed by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies.